Symbolic Limits

Experimental symbolic limit support is provided by the limit function, documented below. See SymbolicLimits.jl for more information and implementation details.

limit(expr, var, h[, side::Symbol])

Compute the limit of expr as var approaches h.

side indicates the direction from which var approaches h. It may be one of :left, :right, or :both. If side is :both and the two sides do not align, an error is thrown. Side defaults to :both for finite h, :left for h = Inf, and :right for h = -Inf.

expr must be composed of log, exp, constants, and the rational operators +, -, *, and /. This limitation may eventually be relaxed.


Because symbolic limit computation is undecidable, this function necessarily employs heuristics and may occasionally return wrong answers. Nevertheless, please report wrong answers as issues as we aim to have heuristics that produce correct answers in all practical cases.