I/O, Saving, and Latex

Note that Julia's standard I/O functionality can be used to save Symbolics expressions out to files. For example, here we will generate an in-place version of f and save the anonymous function to a .jl file:

using Symbolics
@variables u[1:3]
function f(u)
ex1, ex2 = build_function(f(u),u)
write("function.jl", string(ex2))

Now we can do something like:

g = include("function.jl")
#1 (generic function with 1 method)

and that will load the function back in. Note that this can be done to save the transformation results of Symbolics.jl so that they can be stored and used in a precompiled Julia package.


Symbolics.jl's expressions support Latexify.jl, and thus

using Latexify

will produce LaTeX output from Symbolics models and expressions. This works on basics like Term all the way to higher primitives like ODESystem and ReactionSystem.